Anson Dorrance is the founder and first coach of the UNC women’s soccer program. Over the past 40+ years, he’s become one of the most recognized names in collegiate sports, brought the university a record number of championships, and coached a number of the most talented female athletes in all of sports. 

What it comes down to is intense desire. To get this winning edge, you need to build an indomitable will. This means you must be relentless; you must never give up.

Anson Dorrance

In addition to coaching 22 national championship teams, he was the coach of the 1991 women’s World Cup champions. Superstar athletes such as Michelle Akers, Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly, Jessica McDonald, Crystal Dunn, Allie Long, and Dorian Bailey can call him a former coach and a current mentor.

As he gets better year after year as a coach, Anson is always looking for ways to expand the love of the game of soccer to new audiences and new generations. 


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"Named winner of the prestigious Werner Fricker Builder Award" - United States Soccer, 2016

"One of the best coaches of the Past Quarter Century" - ESPN, 2004

"Greatest college dynasty of all-time" - Sports Illustrated On Campus Magazine, 2003

"Named one of the 25 most influential people in the history of American soccer" - Soccer America, 1995

"Named one of the 20 most influential men in American soccer" - Soccer America, 1991